[Samba] How to share [homes] in a more flexible way?

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Mon Nov 17 11:28:42 GMT 2008

> I've attempted 
> various approaches but I've failed to achieve my goal, so I 
> wonder if it's even possible. Sharing homes one-by-one is out 
> of question: too many people in my department. Can you help me?

Assuming all the people in your department are in a group, you can just include a separate configuration based on group membership:


In smb.conf:

include = /etc/samba/%G_smb.conf

For your group, you should then create /etc/samba/mygroup_smb.conf:
  comment = Homes
  browsable = no
  valid users = %S
  path = %H

Etc etc etc

You might have problems with this if your department group is not your primary group membership...


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