[Samba] How to share [homes] in a more flexible way?

Thomas Flaig thomas.flaig at unibw.de
Mon Nov 17 06:57:15 GMT 2008

Am Sonntag, 16. November 2008 10:23 schrieb Dariem Pérez Herrera:
> Hello everybody,
> This is the scenario I have: I've joined a GNU/Linux machine to an
> Active Directory domain using winbind, and I've shared [homes], so now
> every user of the entire organization were I work can see a shared
> resource named like his/her username when they connect to that PC, but
> I don't want that, I just want the people from my department to see
> their homes (they are the only users who can access that machine by
> connecting to Samba, because I've specified valid users in [homes], but
> keeping visible homes for the rest of the users in the organization can
> bring me some trouble with personnel asking why their usernames appear
> naming a shared folder on an unknown machine in a remote department).

> I've attempted various approaches but I've failed to achieve my goal,
Have you tried the following options?

   browseable = no
# and / or
   valid users = %S

> best regards,
> Dariem

Thomas Flaig
mailto: thomas.flaig at unibw.de

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