[Samba] Vista - Profile - Local

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Wed Nov 12 12:22:53 GMT 2008

> -------------------------------------
> > It's not possible so far as I know.
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> I can tell you it is possible with XP.
> I can log on my computer: 
> as "<my_computer_hostname>\lmhelp"
> as well as "<a_samba_domain_name>\lmelp"
> using exactly the same profile located at "C:\Documents and 
> Settings\lmhelp".
> It is very convenient.
> But to do so, one has to edit the registry.

I don't understand how that's possible. Your machine cannot be logging
on to the other domain, so the only way this is possible so far as I
know is if the two domains you're logging on to trust each other?


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