[Samba] Samba packages in Debian

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sun Nov 9 08:23:06 GMT 2008

This is an update, from the samba package maintainers in Debian, about
the current status of Samba package in the distribution.

In Debian "stable" (etch), the official samba package is
3.0.24-6etch10, which is a 3.0.24 version with all security
updates that were published after 3.0.24.

In Debian "testing" (lenny), the samba package is 3.2.4-1. Debian
lenny is still under freeze, with the Debian developers fighting to
get the release critical out of the way and finally release the damn
thing. The release date is still "when it's ready", as usual..:)

It's therefore quite likely that Debian will ship with Samba
3.2.4. Even if 3.2.5 is published before we release, convincing our
release managers that we can have it in lenny will be hard (e'll try,
of course).

Finally, packages for 3.3.0-pre2 have been uploaded yesterday in
Debian experimental and can be used on Debian lenny or Debian unstable

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