[Samba] Getting a list of users mapped to IP addresses they are logged in from

Didster didster at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 21:19:20 GMT 2008

Hi There,

We have a samba setup as a domain controller using a LDAP backend.  We also
have a BDC setup on a cross-atlantic subnet with LDAP replication and so

We also have a company Wiki which at the moment uses the same LDAP database
to authenticate users.

I am looking for a way to remove the need to manually login to the Wiki.
After all, the person has already logged into their machine.

Instead, i am trying to find some way of asking Samba "who is logged in from
IP" and using this to determine if they are authenticated to use
the Wiki.

I have looked at "net status sessions" and this sort of works.  However, it
has two problems:

1.  Each user has their home share automatically mapped by Samba.  But, for
speed, each home share is mapped to the machine that serviced the login
request - meaning some shares are listed on the PDC and some on the BDC,
meaning I would have to query each machine or use a dummy share that was on
the PDC only.  Could probably work around this, but...
2.  For some reason, the machines don't like being left idle.  After some
period of time, the listings in "net status sessions" disappear for a given
machine.  The only way to get them back is to open My Computer on the
machine - which seems to reconnect the sessions.  I guess this is Windows
doing some sort of timeout.

Does any one know of a better way?  Or is their some magic reg key I can add
to the machines to stop them dropping the sessions off?

Many thanks

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