[Samba] Remove old password in Windows

Frank Gruman fgatwork at verizon.net
Tue Nov 4 02:00:24 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-11-04 at 08:07 +0800, Nelson Serafica wrote:
> I have Samba running as File Server. Most workstation uses Windows XP and I
> usually map the samba drive to Windows.
> When I change password, users doesn't prompt to re-enter their password. It
> seems the password was cache on Windows and even though I already change the
> password, since they have previous connection, they have already granted
> access to that directory despite of the new password.
> Is there a way that Windows Users will be force to re-enter their new
> password?
> Also, after changing the password of the user in samba, I restart samba
> service (service smb restart). However, Windows XP users was prompt of
> "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password". It seems it still using
> the old password but since I have change their password, Windows still using
> the old password.
> I have visited control panel--->user account-->manage my network password
> but didn't see any password save.
> Please advise if their are other people experience the same thing.
> -- 
> Nelson Serafica
> http://nelsontux.blogspot.com


Windows caches your logon credentials after the initial login as a hash
value.  This is a 'feature' of the MS client systems.  You can disable
password caching on the Windows machines for any externally accessed
resources.  I don't believe this affects the current local user session.

To disable password caching for new logins, open regedit and add the
following keys as DWord values: 
        \Policies\Network\DisablePwdCaching = 1
        \Policies\Network\DisablePwdCaching = 1
These entries does not exist by default - if you have many clients, you
may want to script this into their logon scripts.

Another topic to review that was posted recently:

The issues that making these changes would create is that every user
would be prompted for their username and password on every connection.
This is, perhaps, undesirable.


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