[Samba] Help with ATSVC

raphael.amorim at gmail.com raphael.amorim at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 18:02:57 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I'ma developer from Brazil and I'm studying samba sources. Now I'm trying
to build a sample application with samba 4 sources. It's quite simple, I  
want to pick the time from a given remote windows machine, and then schedule
a job 2 minutes after that using atsvc. I think I'm messing up because I  
don't understand completely the meaning of the parameters of  
Wich context should I use? I saw some samples in the ./torture/rpc tests  
and I'm using then to study, but it's very confusing for me. :P Need help!

Thanks for the great work you guys have been doing for all these years.

my best regards,

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