[Samba] Roaming Profiles Load Very Slowly

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Wed May 28 21:11:25 GMT 2008

Charles Marcus wrote:
>> DNS was my kneejerk reaction, too, but I thought that it would be
>> good to mention small files which may or may not be in local
>> settings.
>> Another thought that just occurred, there seems to be a significant
>> speed difference when the Web Client service is turned off.  Many
>> thanks to John Terpstra and Jelmer Vernooij for this tip in TOSHARG
>> (the book is worth its weight in gold, and it isn't light!).  With
>> the Web Client service on, it almost feels like you've got a bit of
>> browsing issue. --
> Interesting - just checked, and googled on that service, and it does 
> appear to be useless. I disabled it to see if I notice any difference 
> - not that I was having any problems...
> Network browins does seem a *little* snappier - hard to tell, though, 
> since I never complained about it before...
Try it with a redirected desktop ;)  You can feel the latency with it on 
(or, at least, I can.  It might also be psychological).

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