[Samba] NetBIOS name resolution from Linux

Olivier Parisy ml.olivier.parisy at free.fr
Sat May 17 12:44:36 GMT 2008

John H Terpstra a écrit :
> I am a little lost at to what the problem is here.  WINS does not require 
> winbindd to be running.  On the Linux system it requires:
> 1) In your /etc/nsswitch.conf file:
> ...
> hosts:  files wins [NOTFOUND=return] dns
> ...
> 2) Install the samba file libnss_wins.so.2 in the /lib directory (or on 64-bit 
> systems in the /lib64 directory)
> 3) Run nmbd
> That's it!  What is so difficult?  What makes this so complicated?  If you do 
> not need DNS, then don't even run it (or else just run a caching DNS server).
> Winbind is orthogonal to wins.  They serve entirely differing purposes.

Ah, thank you! That is exactly what I expected. I am pleased to read 
that winbind and wins are different beasts, as I have no interest in the 

The point is that, under Debian, the /lib/libnss_wins.so.2 file is 
distributed only in the winbind package, as confirmed by this search:

So it seems like this is a packaging issue, and not a samba one per se.

Olivier Parisy.

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