[Samba] Re: Configuring a samba server with two NICs

Fabio egalua at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 20:52:52 GMT 2008

>> FWIW, there was just a discussion on the Dell Server list trying to use a
>> crossover between two recent Dell servers.
>> It DIDN'T work.
>> A normal network cable did.
>> Seems that some modern cards a suppose to auto-configure, but in this case
>> it didn't work with a crossover.
> All gigabit devices auto crossover so no crossover is necessary if
> both sides are gigabit. I am  not sure this is the problem though. It
> looks like ipv4 forwarding needs to be turned on on the machine that
> has 2 nics. 

None of the 2 nics is a gigabit... :-((

> However I may be wrong as I was a little confused with the
> discussion of the two networks and their purpose.

Maybe I didn't explain well myself, sorry.

My principal aim is simply to share the same directory over the two
networs: everything else is unessential. They can also be invisible to each
What I got with my config is that my shared dir is accessible on eth1 (where
I just allow 3 IPs), but it is not on eth0 (my laptop).




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