[Samba] do i need posix users/groups in ldap

Richard Foltyn richard.foltyn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 15:40:09 GMT 2008

Coming to think of it, I actually answered something that's not really
related to you question, so please just ignore my post.

On 6/11/08, Richard Foltyn <richard.foltyn at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/6/08, Collen Blijenberg <collen at hermanjordan.nl> wrote:
>> So correct me if i'm wrong,
>> in order to use the ldap backend, you need to insert the posix users in
>> ldap as well ??
>> there is no way to get it work, with the normal basic setup (passwd
>> shadow group ect. files)
>> that's odd ?!
> Actually this will work too. I have all my POSIX/Samba users in LDAP
> except for the root user, since there is no point in duplicating root
> in LDAP. As long as you create a samba user with smbpasswd -a root,
> Samba will happily fetch the POSIX stuff from /etc/passwd. This should
> work for other users as well.
> However, as others have pointed out, this totally defeats the purpose
> of using LDAP in the first place. ;)
> - Richard

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