[Samba] Re: do i need posix users/groups in ldap

Jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 19:33:13 GMT 2008

"Collen Blijenberg" <collen at hermanjordan.nl> wrote in message
news:4847FDB2.7080100 at hermanjordan.nl...
> Hi all, i'm a bit confused,
> can i setup samba (3.0.30) with LDAP backend, and have the "posix/local
> linux" users and groups
> reside in the /etc/groups /etc/shadow ect. ect (the standard linux
> files)   ???
> or do i have to put them in ldap also ??
> (is there a choice?)
> Greets, Collen

I have done this in the past.  I haven't tried this on a recent version so I
don't know if it will still work.

Back then I didn't understand how to use the smbldap-tools.  As the others
have suggested, keeping everything in ldap makes management of your user
accounts much easier.

To achieve your goal, try the following:

Look at the smbldap-tools files to identify the ldif file that the tools
import into ldap.  Import that file into ldap using your standard ldap

In your smb.conf file, your add user script should be the standard Linux
adduser command.  You can look at the Samba documentation to find the
adduser script you should be using if you are not using ldap.  That should

When you add a user, the POSIX info. should be added to the /etc/passwd and
the Windows info. should be added to ldap.

Make sure to try this out on a test server before using it on a production
box.  Remember that putting everything in ldap is a better approach.

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