[Samba] Samba & AutoCAd 2005

Patrik Dufresne ikus060 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 11:04:53 GMT 2008

Rahul Tidke wrote:
> >> Patrik Dufresne wrote:
> >>> Hi,
> >>>
> >>> I have some problem with a network that use Samba as the main
> >>> FileServer. All client are Windows XP and are identical in almost
> >>> every point of view.
> >>>
> >>> User complain of several crash of AutoCad that happen during the day
> >>> for no special reason. It usually happen when the user execute a
> >>> command.
> >>>
> >>> The problem it's self it's not really important, I just want to know
> >>> if any body complain about similar problem with AutoCad+Samba. If
> >>> it's not the case, I will not care about the server and take a
> >>> further look to other network component.
> >>>
> >>> Thanks for your help
> >>>
> >>>    Patrik Dufresne
> >
> >
> > Rahul Tidke wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>   I have same setup here; all the CAD standards and profiles are
> >> loaded in to AutoCAD using SAMBA shares, CAD project files are also
> >> accessed from SAMBA shares. This generates very heavy traffic over
> >> network and this is I/O bound operation; you should have sufficient
> >> RAM at both server and client side. Your AutoCAD should be update with
> >> all service packs and CAD fixes released by Autodesk. The problem you
> >> are talking about should be related to AutoCAD or possibly some
> >> network issues and not with SAMBA; as this happens when user executes
> >> certain command.
> >>  Make sure that AutoCAD is configured properly in case you are using
> >> some CAD standards/customizations and file paths should not be 
> missing.
> >>
> >> Thank you.
> >> Rahul.
> >>
> >>
> Yan Seiner wrote:
>> Interesting.  I had a complaint today about AutoCAD being slow to 
>> access files.  Once in a while users see very slow access when 
>> accessing files from the server.  Apparently this is particular to 
>> AutoCAD.
>> I am waiting on more information, so that's all I know at this point.
>> --Yan
> I went through number of problems while setting up CAD softwares and 
> Samba file server, we use softwares like
> 1) Graphisoft ArchiCAD  which uses a concept called Teamwork (Multiple 
> people working on same project file)
> 2) Autodesk Revit which uses concept of Central file (This is also 
> shared by multiple peoples with restricted access to certain part of 
> file; after finishing the work everyone saves back to central file and 
> changes are reflected to central file).
> 3) Autodesk Architecture, this uses number of different client wise 
> CAD standards, libraries , profiles which is all loaded in to AutoCAD 
> project file from SAMBA share and this project files is accessed from 
> different SAMBA share ( A common   share is created for CAD 
> standards,CAD Libraries, customization files), in addition this 
> project file has multiple external references (called xrefs) which is 
> also loaded from common SAMBA share.
> What I am trying to mention is a single file has multiple objects 
> loaded from different SAMBA shares and a user saves the data (file on 
> which he is working) back to server frequently (say after every 2-3 
> minutes); plus these software have "Auto save" feature which also 
> saves the data back to server after particular time interval. So if 
> your network disconnects (even if for fraction of seconds) in between; 
> all the files become read only and sometime this affects the teamwork 
> file or central file (file may get corrupt)!
> My question to SAMBA developers is; whether accessing files this way 
> from different SAMBA shares in to a single CAD project file and how 
> SAMBA serves files are inter related in any way?? What kind of SAMBA 
> configuration one should have in above cases?
> Thanks
> Rahul.
Hi Rahul,

I have very similar configuration expect that AutoCAD profile are loaded 
for local hard drive and not from share on Samba. All other project file 
of AutoCad are access via Samba file server (the user mount the share on 
O: )

For your information, AutoCAd 2005 SP1 are install on all machine and 
every client have 4Gig of memory with a Core2Duo. We made an unpgrade 
recently of the machine and I got this problem only on those machine.

Also, My Network work on 100Mbit and Not 1Gbit, do you thing it can the 
cause the problem ? What is your setup ?

I really sure the problem are related to the network because a user made 
a test Monday. The take the entire project file and copy it locally on 
the hard drive. Usually, after 1 hour of work, AutoCad crash. This user 
work all the day on the project without any crash. He take the same file 
Tuesday and work on it via the samba share and got the usual crash.

I'm running out of time to write other explanation .. I have to got working.


    Patrik Dufresne

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