[Samba] Samba & AutoCAd 2005

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Thu Jun 5 13:14:46 GMT 2008

Patrik Dufresne wrote:
> I have very similar configuration expect that AutoCAD profile are 
> loaded for local hard drive and not from share on Samba. All other 
> project file of AutoCad are access via Samba file server (the user 
> mount the share on O: )
> For your information, AutoCAd 2005 SP1 are install on all machine and 
> every client have 4Gig of memory with a Core2Duo. We made an unpgrade 
> recently of the machine and I got this problem only on those machine.
> Also, My Network work on 100Mbit and Not 1Gbit, do you thing it can 
> the cause the problem ? What is your setup ?
> I really sure the problem are related to the network because a user 
> made a test Monday. The take the entire project file and copy it 
> locally on the hard drive. Usually, after 1 hour of work, AutoCad 
> crash. This user work all the day on the project without any crash. He 
> take the same file Tuesday and work on it via the samba share and got 
> the usual crash.
> I'm running out of time to write other explanation .. I have to got 
> working.
This is my share setup for Revit.  Note the veto oplocks line; this was 
necessary to get revit happy.

   comment = Project files
   path = /home/samba
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   create mask = 0771
   directory mask = 0771
   veto oplock files = /*.rvt/

Have you looked in the samba log files? I'd turn up the debugging and 
see what it is doing when a crash occurs.  One of my customers is a 
legacy firm - they have been around for about 60 years, and they went to 
computers early, so we're always finding stuff that is 'just barely 
failing', with strange symptoms and intermittent faults.  It can be hard 
to diagnose those faults.

The samba log files are really detailed and help out in figuring out 
what is at fault.


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