[Samba] Scanning Trusted Hosts - Winbindd

Damian McGuckin damianm at esi.com.au
Thu Jul 31 03:10:51 GMT 2008

Even with the definition

	'allow trusted domains = no'

Winbindd still regularly scans the trusted domains. Why it needs to, I 
have no idea. But the load on Winbindd is horrendous to the point where it 
nearly cripples it in a scenario where the domain in question is connected 
to many others around the word in a corporate intranet.

And then, when you do

	wbinfo --domain MYDOMAIN -u

it will, if it is busy scanning those domains, simply time out on that 
request. The international links are quickish, but they can get busy. And 
I only want the ones in my local domain. If you remove the '--domain', it 
is even worse as it trys to find the users in the trusted domains which is 
a population of over 30,000, as well as the ones locally which are only 
about 1000+. I only want to ask about ones in our local, country-wide, 

Because it takes nearly 4 minutes to go through all those domains, and 
failing to resolve their names, you only have a 1 minute window to do
complex things before it starts scanning again.

How do I tell Winbindd to only do things local to our OWN domain? I only 
want to do things local to ourselves. Or, is it against the underlying SMB 

Thanks - Damian

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