[Samba] problem upgrading 3.0.23->3.0.26

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Wed Jul 30 18:34:05 GMT 2008

John H Terpstra wrote:
> If I understand correctly, you have done an update installation of 10.3 over 
> the top of the 9.3 server. Correct?
> Even so, there are significant changes in going from Samba 3.0.23 to 3.0.26 
> and later.  It is always best to use the latest version of Samba.  If you 
> would like Samba 3.2.0 RPMs for OpenSUSE 10.3 please let me know.
	That'd be fine with me as long as they are fairly stable.
This is my most heavily used server.  It was running 9.3 and has been in
process of being upgraded to 10.3.  Only a few packages from 9.3 remain --
samba being one of them.

	But upgrading to highest stable, would be fine -- will make it
easier when this server gets upgraded to 11.X (whenever that comes about)...
As most heavily used, its last to get upgraded and problems, hopefully, get
vetted on the other couple of machines (which are mostly test, devel, and

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