[Samba] Troubles with PDC move

Aaron Johnson aaronjohnson at ajserver.com
Tue Jul 29 02:44:49 GMT 2008

Old Server:
Ubuntu 6.06
Samba 3.0.25a

New Server
Centos 5.2
Samba 3.0.25b

I have moved all the *.tdb, samba configs, login scripts, files, unix 
user UIDs and groups have also been moved over, all appear to be working 
without any trouble.

I can login to a computer that is part of the domain and my roaming 
desktop loads.

The Issue:
While the roaming desktop, and settings such as Firefox and Thunderbird 
load correctly, the Windows setting that control things such as Recent 
Programs list in the start menu, ordering of Icons on the desktop, and 
theme are not loaded.

Or is this a bug I should file with samba team?


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