[Samba] trusted domain issue with 3.2.0

Franz Strebel franz.strebel at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 13:42:09 GMT 2008


i'm using 3.2.0 on a test server.  the setup is the ff.

1.  the server is a member of an NT4 domain with an NT4 PDC
2.  accounts are in a separate trusted domain running AD in mixed mode
3.  i use winbind to get the accounts recognized on my server

i cannot see the groups and accounts from the trusted domain.  running
wbinfo -g and -u only lists accounts from my server's domain.  other checks
via winbind give me the expected results though like listing all the trusted
domains and all the domains.

i've been looking through the release notes and the man pages with no
luck, did i miss out on anything?


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