[Samba] Replacing a Samba server

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Mon Jul 14 18:59:05 GMT 2008

Alan Hodgson wrote:
> On Monday 14 July 2008, Scott Grizzard <scott at scottgrizzard.com> wrote:
>> If you are using an LDAP backend, just slapcat all of the data out of
>> the old server, and dump it into the new one.  The new Samba will read
>> the SID from LDAP, and your clients shouldn't notice the difference.
> You also need to copy the local samba databases - a lot of stuff isn't
> stored in LDAP, like printer driver settings. Everything
> from /var/lib/samba/ would be good, as well as all your share directories
> of course.
> If you copy all that stuff your clients shouldn't notice the difference.

I actually am not planning on copying any of my LDAP database.  My plans
were to setup a totally new server, move the home directories over and add
my users through my batch perl script.

I want to start everything out fresh.  The students don't keep files over
from year to year and there are only about 70-100 teachers so re-adding
the users will not be that big of a deal.  I just export the students out
of our student records program and then into my batch perl script to have
them created.  I am actually going to be using a different naming routine
for users so the old ldap db would not be what I wanted anyways.


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