[Samba] Leopard mounting issues

Mike Bann mbann at cems.umn.edu
Fri Jul 11 19:49:34 GMT 2008

I have not unfortunately. I know that mounting from the command-line 
still works in Leopard, but not the gui.

Kai Lanz wrote:
> Mike Bann wrote:
>> Anyone else noticed issues with mounting Samba from Leopard? Leopard
>> claims to have never made the connection, but the logs of the connection
>> say it authenticated but looks like it never sent a directory to mount.
> Yes, we're also seeing failures when trying to use Leopard to mount a 
> Samba
> share. The same shares work fine with Mac OS 10.4. We're just starting to
> troubleshoot this; have you learned anything more since your original 
> post?

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