[Samba] Slackware 12.1 + Samba 3.0.28a + a lot of users

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Tue Jul 8 07:24:00 GMT 2008

Hallo, Krzysztof,

Du (krzys18) meintest am 08.07.08:

> Now, I'm trying to convince Samba to let Win XP users to connect to
> their home directories for example /raid/Users/user000001,
> /raid/Users/user000002 etc. I have a lot of users (Slackware Unix
> users in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow) so defining them with
> "smbpasswd -a userNNNNNN" is impossible. Well, maybe it is possible
> but... considering the number of users it would take too much time.

If you don't want LDAP you have to use the "smbpasswd" way.

(and LDAP leads to other problems ...)

> Also, the same users have their home directories shared via AFP
> (which works fine) and I can't complicate the setup with an
> additional smbpasswd file.

How and where does AFP manage the authentification for Windows clients?

Viele Gruesse!

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