[Samba] Problem with winbind

Sam Chau schau at infoglobe.ca
Mon Jul 7 13:42:10 GMT 2008


I have a problem with winbind. it has been configured and all working fine until one day gencache.tdb got corrupted. I had to delete it and join the domain again with 'net ads join -U admin'. And voila, people can connect against the AD.

But since that day, from time to time I had to stop winbind, *kill it* and restart again because it takes 95-100% CPU. I've found out that 'wbinfo -u/-g' max my cpu out and 'ls -al' does the same thing if I do it in the /home/ folder where I think it tries to search for the name of the user on the AD.

I'm using samba-3.0.25b under a RHEL AS4. I don't really want to upgrade or downgrade for not to break anything and as I said it /worked/ before. But if I do must...?

I think it is some stupid thing I forgot before/after joining the domain but I can't figure out [like kick the server... ;-)]. Does this sound familiar to someone? Oh! I've already double checked that nscd is not running.


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