[Samba] Re: Trusted domain user login

Thorkil Olesen thorkil at pip.dknet.dk
Fri Jan 25 18:58:23 GMT 2008

Carlos Lorenzo Matés <clmates <at> mundo-r.com> writes:

> We are unable to estabilish a full bi directional trust between an NT domain 
> and a smaba domain
> we can make the NT to trust the samba, but not in the reverse, the samba is 
> not able to estabilish the trust with the NT

Try to manually authenticate a user from the NT-domain at the samba-server using
 wbinfo -a

If that succeeds then try to access a samba-share with that user.

It will not solve the problem, but it may point out where the problem is.

Thorkil Olesen.

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