[Samba] Trusted domain user login

Carlos Lorenzo Matés clmates at mundo-r.com
Fri Jan 25 17:57:43 GMT 2008


El Viernes, 25 de Enero de 2008, Jay Santillan escribió:
> Greetings,
> We are currently experiencing logon problems with a trusted domain user(s).
> Example: We have DomainA and DomainB
> DomainA and DomainB both have workstations joined on their respective
> domain.
> DomainA and DomainB both have trust relationships. DomainA trusts DomainB
> and vise versa.
> DomainA is where being served by a Samba PDC, while DomainB has a PDC using
> Windows NT 4.0 Server

We have a similar problem

We are unable to estabilish a full bi directional trust between an NT domain 
and a smaba domain

we can make the NT to trust the samba, but not in the reverse, the samba is 
not able to estabilish the trust with the NT

in version 3.0.24 this make not much trouble as the system seems to work like 
the trust is correctly established, but in 3.0.25 through 3.0.28 does not 
work, and makes the samba browsing to lag continuously

when we make 

net rpc trustdom establish NTDOMAIN ntpassword

the system says that the trust could not be verified

when we make

net rpc trustdom list

the system says 

trusted domains


trusting domains


from the NT the trust seems to be estabilished

but the reality is that the NT server is unable to browse the samba shares 
without entering a true samba user and password

where you able to set the trust right?


Un saludo.

Carlos Lorenzo Matés.
clmates AT mundo-r DOT com
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