[Samba] Retry: Mapping AD domain users to UNIX users

Nigel.Pain at scotland.gsi.gov.uk Nigel.Pain at scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Wed Jan 23 14:13:31 GMT 2008

This is where I don't really understand how Samba works! My
understanding was that there would be an implicit mapping between domain
accounts and local accounts of the same name. Therefore, if permissions
were set for the local user within UNIX, those would propagate to the
equivalent domain user. I can see where there could be confusion with
UIDs using Winbind. Am I better not using it?

Nigel Pain
The Scottish Government
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Information Systems and Information Services (ISIS)
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> perhaps it is not a good idea to use the same names for a 
> Unix User and the AD User.
> If for example you have unix-user xyz with uid=7738
> and an AD-User xyz so the AD-USer xyz gets via winbind 
> perhaps uid=199300
> What answer should
> id xyz
> give?
> Bardo


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