[Samba] Permissions issue -- cannot delete a folder/file

Robert Pollard rpollard at drs4drs.com
Wed Jan 23 16:01:05 GMT 2008


I am relatively new to Samba although I've installed it and used it before my knowledge is very shallow.


Samba version is: 3.0.21a
Platform: Sun X4200 M2, AMD Opteron running Solaris 10
Client: Windows Vista


I am trying to allow a user to copy folders from her desktop system to the SMB share that is mounted on her computer.  I am using a different login to mount the share on her computer.  The login was created on the server side.

After copying a folder to the server she can't delete the folder.  The login used to mount the share is the owner of the folder and the permissions are set to 755.

So, I went to the command line and tried to delete the folder and it prompted me to verify that I wanted to delete each subfolder that was protected.  But, when I create a folder/file in this folder from the command line I can delete it with no questions asked.

Looking at the permissions from the Window side I only have Read & Execute and Read permission on each file in the folders.  If I don't have permission to write I shouldn't have permission to delete either.

The question:

Why is it that I am the owner of the folder/files, I have Read/Write/Execute Unix permission as the owner (755) but I can't delete the folder after copying it to the server?

Gripe session: (Ignore this if you don't have time or don't care)

I originally had planned to allow the user to have 2 mount points on the same server using different logins.  Didn't realize that SMB protocol allows only one login to the server at a time.  What is up with that?
So, I had to reorganize the folders and permissions to allow 3 users to only see their folder whilst the other user can see hers and the other 3 user's folders.

Thanks in advance...

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