[Samba] Odd transfer speed issue

Stuart Gall stuart at otenet.gr
Tue Jan 22 18:02:15 GMT 2008

Hi Will,
Did you get anywhere with this ?

I have this exact same problem on one system Debian 4.0r2
I can download with http super fast.
Access from linux using mount.cifs is fast. Access from OSX is fast.
ONLY access from windows is slow
I have an older samba box on the same network it is fine.
I built 3.0.28 from source with async io , still no good.
Made hundreds of tweaks the smb.conf nothing I do makes any differance.

Wierder . . . I set up another file-server today same NIC same  
motherboard same version of debian - no problems.

I am going to go mad

On 18 Jan 2008, at 21:39, Will Payne wrote:

>>> I'm seeing slow transfers to/from my samba server. I just tried  
>>> to copy a
>>> 270MB file from a samba share to an XP machine. At first, the  
>>> estimated
>>> time displayed as 141 minutes :(
> -snip-
>> Microsoft's estimates are known to be completely off a lot of  
>> times. If you
>> do not make any load on the server how long does the transfer take?
> I don't know how long it'd *actually* take (life's too short to let  
> it complete) but it's definately at least several minutes when it  
> should just be a matter of seconds..
> HTTP downloads from the machine, scp-ing files to/from, etc are  
> fine.. it's just samba that seems to have this issue..
> Perplexed,
> Will
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Stuart Gall
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