[Samba] DFS

Remy Zandwijk remy.zandwijk at falw.vu.nl
Thu Jan 10 18:41:23 GMT 2008


> I see this on a windows map driver (I haven't tried it with linux):
> W:\Install\Windows\Windows\bla\salala
> So the first directory on the share get doubled, the real path should be 
> (and was before) W:\Install\Windows\bla\salala .
> The mpost interesting thing is that it doesn't happen always. This is, 
> how I made the DFS links:
> msdfs:\Install -> install (before the reinstall it was
> msdfs:\\\Install -> Install, and worked, but now does not 
> matter).

We've seen this as well; in our case the share isn't mapped to a drive letter.

In stead of seeing \\server\Install\Windows\bla\salala we see 

Does your Windows Explorer crash as well after a short while, while accessing 
the 'doubled' share?


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