[Samba] RE: Samba and ADS authentication - can't change file permissions

Bill Corcoran wcorcor at siue.edu
Wed Feb 27 21:37:43 GMT 2008

Ross Smith wrote:
> The basic problem is that any attempt to change permissions on a file
> from a windows workstation results in an "Access Denied" error.
> ...
> All the files are stored locally on a ZFS volume.
> ...
> [samba]
> comment = Main share
> path = /globalfs/SAMBAshare
> writeable = yes
> nt acl support = yes
> ...

This is the same symptom I had before reverting back to the Sun
distributed Samba software for the zfsacl module.  Try adding:

vfs objects = zfsacl

to share definitions containing files for which you would like to change
the permissions of.

Bill Corcoran <wcorcor at siue.edu>

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