[Samba] Prevent drag and drop within Samba shares

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Wed Feb 27 20:03:32 GMT 2008

Alex de Vaal wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a parameter in smb.conf that prevent users to use drag and drop
> within Samba shares?
> I know this is a Winedow$ function, but some users (hum, hum) use Explorer
> to open their files and
> accidentally they drag and drop sometimes a directory in the root of the
> share to another directory in the root of the share.
> My samba server is member of a native W2k3 server Active Directory and AD
> users are able to access the Samba shares.
> The share is configured like this in smb.conf:
> [grp]
>         comment = Group Directory
>         path = /data/grp
>         valid users = @NH-HOTELES.COM\DEP_RHEL4_MEMBER
>         read only = No
>         inherit permissions = Yes
>         hide unreadable = Yes
> The /data/grp directory looks like this:
> drwxrws---  2 root NH-HOTELES\dep_rhel4_adm 4096 Sep 11  2006 adm
> drwxrws---  4 root NH-HOTELES\dep_rhel4_fog 4096 Mar  9  2007 fog
> If a user is member of dep_rhel4_adm and dep_rhel4_fog he/she is able to
> drag and drop the fog directory into the adm directory.
> If it is not possible to configure this within smb.conf, can I do something
> on the Linux side?
> Thanx for any answer.
> Alex.

I don't think there is any way for Samba to distinguish if a file 
operation initated by users drag and drop.  What you need to do is 
change the behaviour of Windows Explorer on the problem desktops.

Open Control Panel, Open Internet Explorer Settings, Security Tab, Local 
Intranet Zone, then click on the Custom button

Scroll down until you find "Drag and drop or copy and paste files" and 
change from Enabled to prompt.

You might also want to consider purchasing "AB Commander" for your users 
who find Explorer too cumbersome as the default file management app.  AB 
allows much great customization of Drag-Drop behaviour.

As for the Samba end, you can make the root folder read-only for a group 
of users, assuming they don't need to create new files/folders on the 
root of the share.

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