[Samba] WINS via WAN problem

Kevin Haddock seabrightskiff at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 22:47:14 GMT 2008

Hi everyone.

I have two windows machines logging into my Linux machine via nxclient.  One
via a LAN and the other coming in through the internet.  Both are sharing
one printer and one folder.  The one that is on the LAN I can smbclient -L
<host> and see, but not the one via WAN.  The shared folder works on both
machines but the printer only works on the local.  The shared printer via
the WAN gives a CIFS error.

smbstatus -L does not show either of the machines.  Shouldn't that show the
various machines that WINS knows about?

How does WINS know/learn about non-local machines?

Thanks in advance,

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