[Samba] recycle module creates empty files (0 KB)

Marcus Sobchak <lists at localguru.de> lists at localguru.de
Thu Feb 21 23:29:23 GMT 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 21.02.2008, 17:57 -0500 schrieb Charles Marcus:
> Marcus Sobchak <lists at localguru.de>, on 2/21/2008 11:40 AM, said the 
> following:
> > I have a strange behaviour when creating new files.  When opening word,
> > excel, ppt or txt to create a new document (e.g. I use the word icon on
> > the desktop to start word) and save the file to the home share H: an
> > empty (0 KB) file with the same name as the saved document is created in
> > the trash folder. Why this second empty file in the trash folder?
> It may something to do with the way Windows/Office works.
> When you create a new file or open an existing one, it creates a weird 
> hidden file with ~ at the beginning of  the name, then deletes this when 
> the file is saved/closed.

It just happens when creating a new file using "save as" to share H: 
I've already excluded ~$* and *.tmp files. The empty file in the trash
folder seems not to be a temporary file. 


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