[Samba] Re: cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Tue Feb 19 17:31:17 GMT 2008

Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> That is actually a good point because today I wanted to switch to cifs
> on all my mount scripts for work and I got:
> sudo mount -t cifs -o uid=lucas -o username=myusername
> //$ /home/lucas/Desktop/C
> mount error 13 = Permission denied
> Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)

Your two "-o" options seem a bit odd to me. Are you certain that is correct syntax?

I am not seeing a username= option listed in my man mount.cifs output either.

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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