[Samba] Mangle char prob's

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Feb 6 08:49:01 GMT 2008


I have some problems regarding the name mangling part
especially the Dos filenames.

I've got 2 Directory's in my office network install.
1 called 'Microsoft Office' and
1 called 'Microsoft Visual Studio'

the Office dir is hidden true 'hide files' in the smb conf.

if i go to the dir and do dir /x /a (in dos) i see 'MICROS~1'  2 times ???

it seems that the mangling does calculate the end char (~1) separate 
from hidden and none hidden files
this gives me an error, coz the office wants to open files in dos mode, 
and guess what
it can't find them coz he dives into the visual studio dir !

so if you have a dir with 1 hidden sub-dir and 1 normal sub-dir
and the start of the names are the same, the dos filenames will be the 
same !!!!

Cheers, Collen

ps used samba 3.0.24 and FC8

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