[Samba] Bind user name with machine account

satish patel linuxtrap at yahoo.co.in
Wed Feb 6 06:53:09 GMT 2008

Dear all

                This is the time for beer...Now i have done bind user with machine account so that we can deny users to login in other users machine and get access of other users document....

This is my slapcat out put for one user...test i have bind it with tilip-PC machine so that user have not access to login on other machine except to tulip-PC

this is the attributess

sambaUserWorkstations: tulip-pc

dn: uid=test,ou=People,dc=tulipconnect,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: sambaSamAccount
cn: test
sn: test
givenName: test
uid: test
uidNumber: 1009
gidNumber: 513
homeDirectory: /home/test
loginShell: /bin/bash
gecos: System User
structuralObjectClass: inetOrgPerson
entryUUID: 96605ae8-67be-102c-9a09-0160164f8fc0
creatorsName: cn=Manager,dc=tulipconnect,dc=com
createTimestamp: 20080204224511Z
sambaLogonTime: 0
sambaLogoffTime: 2147483647
sambaKickoffTime: 2147483647
sambaPwdCanChange: 0
displayName: System User
sambaSID: S-1-5-21-2007833302-3245654922-4095889326-3018
sambaPrimaryGroupSID: S-1-5-21-2007833302-3245654922-4095889326-513
sambaHomePath: \\PDC\test
sambaHomeDrive: X:
sambaPwdMustChange: 1279925136
userPassword:: e01ENX1jTUNTcHE2Nnpnc2VwQWJoVGFlS1FBPT0=
sambaLMPassword: E22FCEE7BCA04B3BAAD3B435B51404EE
sambaNTPassword: BC89CFA104790D312E2542EEA4207AEE
sambaPwdLastSet: 1202165287
sambaAcctFlags: [U          ]
sambaDomainName: TULIPCONNECT
sambaUserWorkstations: tulip-pc
entryCSN: 20080204225136Z#000000#00#000000
modifiersName: cn=Manager,dc=tulipconnect,dc=com
modifyTimestamp: 20080204225136Z

$ cat ~/satish/url.txt                                                      


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