[Samba] Relaying samba

Cybionet cybionet at videotron.ca
Wed Feb 6 02:45:23 GMT 2008

Greeting Yan,

For your users, I suggest you something like Terminal Services or 
XServer to access files via VPN. With this you use a remote desktop and 
don't access directly files by the VPN. It is very faster :-)



> I have a somewhat hybrid setup that I need some help with...
> I have a main server running 3.0.28 and a satellite server running 
> 3.0.26.  They are linked via VPN.   Right now we're using cifs to 
> communicate through the VPN, which is painfully slow.
> Since the two servers are linux boxes, is there a more 
> bandwidth-efficient protocol that we can use between the two servers? 
> NFS?
> The users can sling files back and forth via GoToMyPC quicker than 
> they can using the VPN.
> Thanks,
> --Yan

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