[Samba] Relaying samba

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Tue Feb 5 15:02:37 GMT 2008

Adam Williams wrote:
> rsync?


We've thought about that.  Unison, more likely.

The problem is one particular app, that uses huge files (100mb or so) 
that users save to a central database.  The database somehow magically 
reconciles all of the changes by different users.

I'm still unclear on how this process works.  The software publisher, as 
usual, is very politely unhelpful.  ARGH!


> Yan Seiner wrote:
>> I have a somewhat hybrid setup that I need some help with...
>> I have a main server running 3.0.28 and a satellite server running 
>> 3.0.26.  They are linked via VPN.   Right now we're using cifs to 
>> communicate through the VPN, which is painfully slow.
>> Since the two servers are linux boxes, is there a more 
>> bandwidth-efficient protocol that we can use between the two servers? 
>> NFS?
>> The users can sling files back and forth via GoToMyPC quicker than 
>> they can using the VPN.
>> Thanks,
>> --Yan
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