[Samba] sharing samba smbpasswd

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 20:50:40 GMT 2008

> I agree completely.  LDAP is the "right" way to go.  However, openldap is a
> bit daunting for first time users, and the slapd.d way of configuring
> openldap is not well documented for beginners.
> If the samba servers can go down for a few hours without causing too big of
> a headache, and you are not doing domain authentications for workstations, I
> wouldn't bother with ldap.  It will take you a month to get LDAP working the
> first time out, and if anything breaks, it is much groping in the dark to
> get it working again.
> Bottom line: LDAP is the "right" way to do it, but the learning curve is
> pretty steep.  If you can live with the single point of failure, live with
> it.  If you can't, hire a consultant to walk you through it the first time
> or buy a Mac X-Server, or invest in several bottles of Malox and kiss a
> month of weekends goodbye.  (On the plus side, doing it yourself will teach
> you a lot about linux, ldap, and samba: knowledge which you can lord over
> Microsoft techs that don't know the first thing about the protocols and
> logic underlying Active Directory,)

Exactly, I fully agree with all of this. I am in a bit of a rush so I
can not add anything of real substance at the moment.. Will try back


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