[Samba] Printer upload problem

Nicolas HAHN hahnn at x-itools.com
Tue Dec 9 14:25:15 GMT 2008

   Hi there,

   We have 4 samba print servers we use for our 3000 users. they're  
configured to automatically distribute printer drivers to our windows  

   Recently, we have added a Xerox WorkCenter 5638 monster.

   But we're unable to upload the driver to the samba server throught  
print wizzard as windows admin. We've tried PCL, PCL 6, and PS drivers  
available on Xerox web site, without success. It is still the same:  
various alert boxes appears, some with very strange numbers (ie:  
040:000:0466). In samba logs, I can see several STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW  

   I've tried with samba version 3.0.22 and 3.0.27, on RHEL 5.1  
installed on x64 architecture.

   Furthemore, we experiment printer wizard crashes with various  
printer drivers, and for most of them (we have almost 300 printers!),  
we found a combination PRINTER MODEL <-> PRINTER DRIVER which finally  
works, but it's not the panacee because the drivers don't really  
correspond to the printer (ie: we use HP LJ 8050 driver for a HP LJ  
9550 printer to have things working).

   We really need help about this problem, and we'd like to thank by  
advance for any help provided (or bug fix!) as this is a kind of  
emergency for us.

   Thanks a lot :-)

Nicolas HAHN
X-Itools project manager

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