[Samba] 32 bit samba libraries on 64 bit OS

Har Gagan Sahai shargagan at novell.com
Tue Dec 9 13:26:52 GMT 2008


I am using 3.0.32 version of Samba. Please help with my problem described as follows: 

I am having an application in which I am using the libsmbsharedmodes.so. The purpose of 
using this library is to get the status of the lock acquired on the file. The function we use to 
get the lock status is "smb_get_share_mode_entries()". 

On a 32 bit machine, when we are using this library to get the lock status of a file, it works fine. 
But on a 64 bit machine, where my application runs as a 32 bit application so we are using the 
32 bit version of the library libsmbsharedmodes.so, the same function fails to return the lock 
status of the file properly. But 32 bit library on 32 bit OS and 64 bit library on 64 bit OS works fine. 

So the use case of file access in write mode by two user is not working properly when I am using the 
32 bit version of library libsmbsharedmodes.so with a 32 bit application which runs on a 64 bit OS. 
The value of the "share_access" is coming as 0 (zero) in this scenarios. For other combination it returns 
the value properly. 

Has anybody seen this kind of issue before or is there any similar kind of issue fixed in the later versions ? 

Thanks and regards, 
Har Gagan 

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