[Samba] Very Slow!

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Aug 29 18:16:39 GMT 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 12:54:53PM -0500, Gregory Carter wrote:
> Oh, and BY THE WAY.
> I do not want to be a total cynic, but you are expecting samba to  
> replace a software product that the SuSE corporation directly receives  
> MILLIONS in contributions from, said vendor of product it is replacing.   
> (Microsoft.)
> SuSe would be the absolute LAST linux distro I would use for any sort of  
> samba integration.
> If I did use it for that purpose, it would be compile from source or I  
> would audit the samba source code first.
> Who KNOWS what those millions have provided in those "special extra  
> features" Microsoft would like to see in the SuSe customer distro that  
> right now could be giving you a lot of headaches.
> It is only a matter of time before Microsoft starts influencing the  
> packaging decisions for SuSE.

Whilst my opinions on the Microsoft / SuSE deal are well
known, I think this is unfair to the hard-working engineers
at SuSE who produce a first-rate Samba distribution.

Lars and Jim at SuSE are both Samba Team members, and there is no
question of any corruption or source code changes in SuSE
that are detremental to Samba.

Whilst not getting into distro-wars, worries about the
state of Samba in SuSE is *NOT* a reason to change your
distribution from SuSE to any other.


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