R: [Samba] Very Slow!

Brian McGrew brian at visionpro.com
Fri Aug 29 16:14:39 GMT 2008

>>> I=A9=F6m seeing very slow transfers from Samba....  I=A9=F6m not sure how else =
>>> describe it.  If I try and copy a 4GB DVD image from the server to any
>>> Windows box (XP, 2003, 2008, MacOS) it estimates more than 4 hours to c=
>>> However, if I FTP to the server from any given client I can move the wh=
>>> file in less than 2 minutes...
>> Try "downloading" the file from another LINUX machine using smbclient.
>> How fast is that?  That will take the Windows mystery variable out of
>> the equation.  Odds are that the smbclient download will be very fast.
> -----
> No difference!  Using the smbclient on another Linux machine (Fedora Core=
> on the same subnet, same switch at GigE --- about 4MB copied in 5 minutes=
> Copying the file via NFS from this Linux machine to my Windows machine, I
> was gettingh right about 67Mbit with 7% port utilization according to the
> stats on my Foundry switch.  Using smb:// for the same file, same machine=
, I
> was seeing 2Mbit with .2% port utilization.  This with Windows and
> smbclient.

With the NICs unbonded trying both eth0 and eht1 (separately) there is no
change.  Even whil I'm waint from the Linux box using smbclient to copy thi=
file I can go to a Windows machine and NFS the file in minutes...  When I d=
so, the port usage jumps to around 7% during the NFS copy then drops back
down to around 0.15% wile the smb:// copy continues.


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