[Samba] Hig cpu-usage on 3.0.24 on 64bit Debian etch

Hans Otto Lunde ho at egmont-hs.dk
Tue Aug 26 23:25:10 GMT 2008

On the 26th of august Chris wrote:

>> "guest ok = " is a share level parameter although it can be used in the 
>> global section thereby affecting all shares that do not explicitly 
>> reset it. It doesn't effect the actual guest account itself.
>> Typical default guest account is "nobody", although it can be virtually 
>> anything (even "sambody"), but it does need to be a real 'nix user 
>> (needs an entry in /etc/passwd).
>> The Windows "guest" account has to be mapped to the 'nix guest account 
>> in your username map file, which is /etc/samba/smbusers in my case and 
>> the global parameter tells samba where it is:
>> "username map = /etc/samba/smbusers".
>> In my case it contains:
>> #===============
>> root = administrator
>> nobody = guest
>> #===============

>> Yours should probably at the least contain:
>> #===============
>> sambody = guest
>> #===============
>> Again, where "sambody" is a valid 'nix account.

>> Also the global parameter "map to guest = " should be added to your 
>> smb.conf, "map to guest = bad user" works for general guest usage.

Thanks, Chris, for your answer.

I forgot to mention that almost all my clients are XP professional with SP3. 
No "Guest" user on them by the way. I've made the changes you suggested, the problem persists.

The spikes seem to be related to samba changing the owner of a smb-process, from the user to 
sambody(guest account), from sambody to root or the other way round. Could anyone explain what 
controls these ownership-changes, except inactivity?
Also the spikes seem to happen to processes that are doing nothing, no file-copying, printing etc.
As if samba is somehow talking to itself...?#!

I have a feeling that it's a bug of some kind, related to the 64bit version. But i don't really 
have something to back it up with, since everything is ok, except for the load spikes that 
accummulate to a lot of cpu-usage with many users working. 

Maybe I should take a deep breadth and upgrade to Lenny(debian testing), with samba 3.2 or recompile
samba 3.2.2 myself. Any suggestions?

:-) Hans Otto Lunde

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