[Samba] How to Join Samba Client to a Samba PDC Domain with ldap?

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 17:52:34 GMT 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 6:06 PM, David Collins <db.collins at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Manu,
> You have 2 choices - your call ...
> 1. Have the Centos box act like a Windows PC, by installing Winbind, and
> then join the Samba domain.  The Samba Howto has information about that.
> In this case, it is irrelevant that the Samba database is LDAP.
> 2. Since you are using smbldap-tools, I presume the LDAP database holds
> posix information about each Samba user?
> If so, you can set up your Centos box to use LDAP for authentication, so
> that anyone listed in LDAP can log onto the Centos box.
> If you need to access Samba shared files, then you will also need to
> install smbclient.  Also, pyNeighbourhood is a nice GUI for accessing
> Samba shares from Linux.
> Regards,
> David Collins
> On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 04:52 +0200, manu Baylac wrote:
>> Alberto Moreno a écrit :
>> >   Hi People.
>> >
>> >    I have a domain running samba 3.0.28 with Gentoo+ LDAP+smbldap-tools.
>> >
>> >    Is running very well, I have about 15 WinXP clients + 1 Win2K3 server.
>> >
>> >    Is easy to add a win machine to the domain, but now I need to add a
>> > linux box running Centos 5.2, But I have my doubts:
>> >
>> >   Do I need to edit in my client the openldap settings?
>> >   I just need samba?
>> >   How my samba client is going to read the users from the LDAP server?
>> > What I have to do...
>> >
>> See libnss-ldap and  libpam-ldap.
>> >   Could someone pint me some links where exist this info? I will
>> > appreciated a lot, thanks for your time people.
>> >
>> Sorry, only in french...
>> Manu
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  Hi David.

   Thanks for your info, this server is just CLI, no GUI or X stuff,
right now I can see my server in my domain, plus I can reach the
domain users+groups without winbind, right now I'm configuring the
roaming profiles + redirection some folders from my windows clients to
the server.

   Looks like everything is working very well.

    Just 1 doubt came to my mind, the official how or the samba by
example, didn't mention about if samba need to be already running
before you start joining the client or after that, in my case, I start
samba after I finish the process.

    Right now is the only doubt I have.

    Thanks all again for your help!!!

LIving the dream...

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