[Samba] samba 3.0.28, directory name is garbled.

Evans, Bill bevans at fhcrc.org
Mon Aug 18 19:27:44 GMT 2008

Fixed, from the O'Reilly manual Chapter 5.4.2 Mangling Options

add mangled names = no ( works in the per share space, not sure about
the global space ) and all works fine (so far anyway)

        comment = %U's Home Directory
        path = /home/%U
        read only = No
        acl check permissions = Yes
        force security mode = 0775
        force directory mode = 0775
        inherit permissions = Yes
        inherit acls = Yes
        map acl inherit = Yes
        case sensitive = No
        veto files = /.tnatr:*/
        browseable = Yes
        vfs objects = zfsacl
        mangled names = no

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 11:19:12AM -0700, Evans, Bill wrote:
> Environment:
> Sun Solaris	5.10
> Samba			3.0.28 (latest SUN supported version)
> We are currently running Totalnet Advanced Server TAS (for cifs
> services) but plan to replace this with SAMBA.
> Has anyone see this problem?  I am opening a ticket with SUN also.
> from the UNIX command line
> cd /export/userdir/project dir/sub dir /file-excel.xls  
> ( yes, there are spaces in the directory names and a trailing space "
> ".)
> >From a PC client, XP sp2
> TAS mapping:   \userdir\project dir\sub dir\file-excel.xls  
> [ note that the PC does not show the trailing space but allows access
> the directory ]
> SAMBA mapping: \userdir\project dir\2D8YHS~L\file-excel.xls 
> [ note that the PC shows a garbled directory name but allows access to
> the directory below]
> At some point we may go to open source to get the latest version, but,

> management wants to stay on SUN supported versions if possible.

Trailing spaces are illegal in a Windows name so Samba
has to mangle them (it does the same for names with a
':' also).


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