[Samba] Cannot Redirect some windows xp folders to samba share?

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 14:50:33 GMT 2008

  Hi people.

   I have some issues, I setup a samba server(3.0.28) with gentoo,
samba + ldap. Is working, I can create users, change, add, mod,
   I setup each home drive, using smbldap-tools. Everything is working good.

   But I have 1 problem, I want to setup my windows xp pro sp2 users
to have roaming + folder redirection to my samba server. Some folders
are very easy to move to be in a redirect or roaming environment like:

  My Documents
  My Pictures
  My Music
  Start Up

   To make this possible, I use tweakUI from windows site, is a easy tool.

   The main problem I have is that, some folders: Application Data and
Local Settings, wont let me redirect them to each user profile share.

   TweakUI doesn't show this folders.

   Some sites just show examples but using a AD which is not my case,
some sites say that I will see a link inside gpedit.msc where I can
setup folder redirection, but In my case, I don't see anything related
to "Folder Redirection", the other option they say is to change the
register for each user.

  I already try to change the register ("Shell Folders") but each time
the user restart there computer, the settings for Application Data +
Local Settings get back to the default state(C:\Docum and

  I was thinking is windows xp pro, have some option that prevent a
user to change this settings like a protection and prevent me to
change the settings for this special folders?

  Does someone succesfully implement Folder Redirection for this
folders inside windows xp pro sp2 or sp3, how do u did it?

   I will appreciated a lot all the info u could give, thanks all for
your time!!!

  P.S. I came from a lot of windows forums, but I still cannot fix this.

LIving the dream...

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