[Samba] Printer driver interface different

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Wed Aug 13 07:02:37 GMT 2008

Matthew Forrest schrieb:
> On 12-Aug-08, at 9:45 AM, Martin Zielinski wrote:
>> Matthew,
>> The reason for the gui that is different from the local installation 
>> is a missing registry value.
>> It's: "PrinterDriverData\DocUiHideFlags" REG_DWORD 000001
>> I didn't succeed in copying the settings via printui.dll, but I wrote 
>> a little program to set the missing value. I think, this list cuts off 
>> the attachments, so I put it inline. If you cannot compile it, I can 
>> send you a binary as well.
>> I can't test, if the printer will work as expected, cause I have no 
>> ricoh printer - but the GUI looks the same as the local installation.
>> Greets,
>> Martin
> Adding that value to the registry on the samba server makes things work 
> much better.  Thanks!
> I didn't get a chance to try the code as my access to a dev box is 
> limited right now.  I just used the registry editor to add the value on 
> the remote server.
> It does not give any options to change the Job Type on the Job/Log tab.
> What did you look at to find that particular entry?
> Thanks,
> Matt

Upps, I didn't even know that one can use the registry editor remote ...

I looked at all registry entries. I know, that some HP Printers need an 
entry "PrinterData\CombinedMediaStatus" to work properly. Similar things 
with other drivers.

So I copy the whole registry from a local printer to the remote printer 
- and if that helps, the rest is just try and error.

On my system, I can change the Job Type. So I really do not know, why it 
doesn't work for you. Perhaps you just need to delete the printer 
connection and create a new one.



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