[Samba] Re: What affects file locking?

Doug Germann 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Wed Aug 13 02:25:52 GMT 2008

Doug Germann <76066.515 <at> CompuServe.com> writes:

On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 17:27 -0700, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Normally what you call "file locking" in this case is really access 
> ie. share modes. Use smbstatus on the server to see what open modes 
> clients are currently using.
> Jeremy.


Thanks! Had not thought of using smbstatus. 

What is happening is that the Ubuntu clients are establishing a lock of

deny_none, and the WinXP client is establishing deny_write. 

I have tried changing oplocks and kernel oplocks to yes, and all else to

the defaults shown here, but there is no change in this behavior:

What else should I try, please?

:- Doug.

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