[Samba] Re: What affects file locking?

Doug Germann 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Thu Aug 14 01:47:41 GMT 2008

Doug Germann <76066.515 <at> CompuServe.com> writes:

> Jeremy writes:
> Ok, deny_none should conflict with deny_write, so you should
> see "someone else has this file open" between WinXP and
> the Ubuntu clients.
> However, for UNIX clients they need to provide mutual exclusion
> using byte range locks (the traditional UNIX way) not deny
> modes. I'm not sure if OpenOffice on Ubuntu does this (it
> should).
> Jeremy.

Many thanks.

You are right--between Ubuntu and WinXP, the files are locked appropriately.

But how do I get these byte-range locks between the Ubuntu clients? I have
searched in Google and on Ubuntuforums without luck.

Thanks, Jeremy!

			:- Doug.

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