[Samba] Problem with permissions

bikrish at aim.com bikrish at aim.com
Mon Aug 11 05:38:11 GMT 2008

 Hi Keith

I am using Centos 5.2 and? i installed samba through yum. The version
of samba that is? installed is 3.0.28. I have done as you have told me.
I enabled acl and tried to setup permission in security tab in windows.
My requirement is? a group , say , group1 has full control on share? ,
say , share1 but group2 has only read , write but no delete and group3
can only read the share. I am able to set read and full control
permission from windows but when i set read and write permission only
from windows , after i click apply , it converts into full control ,
which means group2 also has full access to share. I want only group1
has full control and group 2 can read and write only. They can't rename
and can't delete.

I hope u understand my requirement

Thanks for your help.




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Bikrish Amatya wrote:?

> Hi everyone.?


> I have to task where i have to replace windows NT server by samba. The 
> problem i facing is with permissions. In windows NT , administrator 
> can provide a share permissision like , full control, read & write but 
> no delete and read. But  i have provide same functionality in samba 
> server. How can i set such permission , write but no delete in linux 
> through samba. I have googled a lot but couldn't  find the solution.?


> Any help would be apperciated.?


> Thanks?

Hi Bikrish,?

If you setup ACL, you can actually set up permissions using the security 
tab in windows explorer from another windows box, you you can use the 
cmd line. You might have to remount your FS with acl enabled, what 
distro are you using? ?

Check out http://www.bluelightning.org/linux/samba_acl_howto/  or google 
some other guides.?

I am setting this up atm so let me know if you get the Explorer thing to 


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